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We Have an Answer Why You Lied Last Time?

Are you asking yourself why people don’t be honest? Considering the number of lies scientists have discovered as to why people lie on a day to day basis.Scientists have stated that often people lie because they don’t want to hurt others.In many cases, people twist the truth a little bit so that we can stand in a more positive light.

In addition to this the scientists said that very severe and pathological cases, people lie out of pure evilness or egotism in order to deceive other people. However, people also lied to themselves for instance when they face a cognitive dissonance and try to reestablish harmony within their minds.The research has also showcased that dishonesty and deceit might be a part of any long-lasting conversation.

The research was conducted by the psychologist Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. the researcher has showcased that the participants, who had to keep a daily diary about their untruthfulness, remembered on average that they had lie once or twice a day.Moreover, the study also indicated that the participants were not loyal in one-fifth of their conversation that lasted longer than 10 minutes.


By- Priyanka Negi

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