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Who is Responsible for Your Child’s Violent Behavior?

Often we read or see news about a child getting molested or tortured by another fellow classmate. Only one question that arises, who is responsible for this unacceptable behavior?

In the search for the answers a team of scientists did a research, as per this research, a violent or aggressive behavior is often learned early in life. This behavior or aggression of children can be improved by the family members, teachers and others who care for them.

The researchers said that the elders can also take steps to reduce or minimize violence. There are 3 simple steps that parents can apply that can help their children to stay away from aggression.

Love and attention is the best remedy that parents can provide to their children as it has been proven that every child needs a strong, loving, relationship with a parent or other adult to feel safe and secure. Love and attention also develop a sense of trust among children.

Experts have said that children always follow their parents so it is necessary to show them an appropriate behavior. These are few simple steps that can make your child a humble and sensible human being.


By: Priyanka Negi

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