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Why Delhi Has Become A ‘Gas Chamber’?

There are a lot of key factors that have developed congestion in the lungs of the national capital. In the first week of November only, the air quality index reached “severe” category, thus hitting 448 on a scale of 500 for the second time this year.

One of the key factors that are not letting Delhi to breathe fresh air is smoke from rural kitchens. Director of UrbanEmissions, Sarath Guttikunda said that urban areas such as Delhi has to first address the issue of cooking, space heating and household air pollution.

The other contributing factor is vehicular exhaust. The Delhi Government reintroduced odd – even scheme to regulate vehicular movement. Next factor is crop burning that envelopes Delhi with thick smoke every winter. Industrial smoke is also responsible for such high toxicity.

A study conducted by Delhi Government said that nearly 98% of these pollutants are emitted by industries. Open Waste Burning and Diesel Generators have also played pivotal role in making Delhi a ‘Gas Chamber’.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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