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Why to Worry When Music is there to enhance Your Health

Since centuries scientists and all the ancient doctors have proved that music has that superpower to nurture the well-being of anyone. The scenario of today where sedentary lifestyle has bullied the health of almost every person around. Music is the only way to relax, to distract from stressful situations and to entertain oneself.

Listening to music raises a wave of positive emotions via the reward centers of our brain. Music can stimulate the release of dopamine which makes us feel good and highly elated at times. Music is used by doctors to recover patients and improve the condition of people with Alzheimer disease. Music is really helpful in reducing biological markers of stress like increase in heart rate, systolic blood pressure and decrease in cortisol levels.

Exposure to music increases IgA which is an important antibody for our immune system. It is a powerful tool to improve the functioning of our memory and concentrate more. Therefore, start listening and performing on music to enhance health.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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