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Winter Olympics is at Risk After the Earthquake

The warning of high alert has been issued to people of South Korea after an earthquake on Sunday. Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is going on there; but, on Sunday speedy winds disturbed the event. Warning has been issued against severe cold and has been advised to remain warm. On Richter scale, the intensity was of 4.6 magnitude that had shaken the eastern part of South Korea and thereafter the immediate warning was issued. Men’s downhill was postponed till Thursday as a precautionary measure by the authority as it was too dangerous to make the high speed slope for the competition due to high winds there. In another drawback of the quake, women’s Slope-style snowboarding competition was also postponed and all riders were declared qualified for the finals directly. The warning has been issued for prospective high speed wind, cold as well as high risk of fire. However, the Olympic organisers have assured that the earthquake will not have any effect on the games as the sports venues have been made to bear these issues very effectively. The earthquake was measured at magnitude of 4.6 and was declared about 260 kilometers away from the Olympic area by the Geological Survey of US. It is said that the chilling cold not the earthquake is the main matter of concern for this season's Olympic. The temperature is expected to go below -14 degree Celsius.  All precautionary measures are being taken and people are advised to be alert.

By: Anita Aishvarya











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