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Working-Class Jobs Devastate the Labor Market

Through a new study, the scientists have analyzed that the earning gap between working class and labour class people have returned to 1950 again. The economists from the University of Duke and University of Chicago have done the research to measure the median earning gap between black and white men.

The experts have suggested that the knowledge and experience of African-American men are not consistence. Moreover, with going time a huge earning gap has increased and the earning of a college educated and with less education is at an all-time high as compare to the labour class.

Currently, the research has been published online in the National Bureau of Economic Research working paper series. On which the co-author, Patrick Bayer, said, when it comes to the earnings gap between black and white men, we've gone all the way back to 1950. Additionally, the economists have also analyzed the wages earned by working-age men across a span of 75 years from 1940 to 2014. The economists revealed that earnings gap between black and white men narrowed during the civil rights era. During 1970 the gap between black and white men's wages started increasing once again, said the researchers.

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