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X-Ray Imaging Technique Developed By Scientists

The scientists have successfully developed an X-Ray imaging technology that can detect bomb as well as breast cancer. The scientists have made this technique in such a way that it can translate into various beneficial applications such as security and healthcare.

The research has been funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This successful research was a five years project conducted by UCL (University College London). Additionally, the project involved dozens of business, academic and research partners in the UK and worldwide.

The scientists have claimed that this new technology is much better than the conventional X-Rays. Moreover, this technology can accurately identify tumors in existing tissue earlier and spot smaller cracks and defects in materials.

The scientists have appreciated the ‘excels’ of the new technology that is capable enough to identify different shapes and several kinds of materials. The scientists have also added that the conventional X-rays could only match the size and shape of materials by using prohibitively high doses of radiation.



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