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"Concept12" Group show of paintings and sculptures from 1st to 6th April, 2018

1st April: 5:00 PM

2nd to 6th April: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM - Exhibition on View

Entry: Free

Venue: Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Event Description: EXHIBITION "Concept12" Group show of paintings & sculptures

Details of artists:

1) Manotosh Mallick Medium:Mixed medium on board/canvas

2) Gopinath Basu Medium:Water colour on paper

3)Maloy Chandan Saha Medium: Acrylic on paper/board

4) Tapan Karmakar Medium: Acrylic on canvas

5)Nabanita Basu Roy Medium: Water colour on paper

6) Indrajit Ghosh medium: Acrylic on canvas

7)Joyeeta Saha Medium: Acrylic on canvas

8) Doctor Rajani Tiwary Medium:Ink on canvas

9) Subhendu Mondal Medium: Sculptor-Metal/Fibre glass

10)Subho Debnath Medium:Mix medium on paper

11)Ardhendu Mondal Medium: Water colour on paper?2)Bikash Debnath Medium:Mix medium on canvas

13) Debabrata Mondal Medium: Acrylic on canvas

14)Tapash Nandi Medium: Water colour on paper

15)Sudipta Seal Medium:Water colour on paper