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Rising Population of Adélie Penguins

The researchers have suggested the inhabitant of Adélie Penguins has increased due to shrinking Antarctic glaciers. The researchers have used mitochondrial DNA from living Adélie penguins. Through the DNA samples the scientists have come to know that about the demographic history of the penguins for the past 22,000 years. The research has revealed the numbers of penguins have expanded as the Earth is defrosting from the last ice age.

The scientists have discovered that Adélie penguins increase their population during less frosty Antarctic landscape. However, the scientists are unclear about the development duration of the Adélie penguins.

Additionally the Adélie penguins survive along much of Antarctica’s coast, stated the scientists. As per the researchers the penguins need three environmental conditions to flourish. Compiled data by the scientists have marked the existence of around 1.14 million breeding pairs from which 30 percent are from east Antarctica.


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