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CBSE Plans For an Education System Makeover

The education system in India needs a serious makeover. Very few things have changed since the colonial times. Even great literary poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote about how the education system needs to change. Exams are times when students have sleepless nights. One of the major changes that need to be implemented is the need to change the preferred way o

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  • South Atlantic Islands Suffer Pollution Due to Plastic Waste
    20 Oct 18

    In the present world of industrialization and modernization, something that comes our way complimentary is the pollution of all kinds. Increase in the use and improper disposal of plastic is another cause behind increased levels of pollution these days. In the wake of development and growth we of.. Show more

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  • Implant of Human Brain Cells Amaze Researchers
    19 Oct 18

    Recently a study was conducted by the Imperial College London in collaboration with a group from the University of Cambridge using the human brain cells. During the research, human brain cells were transplanted into a mouse brain. The researchers observed the growth and inter connection of these .. Show more

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  • Winner of Contest "India As I See” Bal Bharati Public School Pitampura
    18 Oct 18

    New Delhi, Thursday, October 18, 2018: FairGaze is the largest school students media and an innovative social-educational ecosystem organized a pan India free online contest “India As I See” for school students with an aim to spread positivity about our country. The contest was held o.. Show more

  • High Spirited Winners of “India As I See” at Bharat National Public School
    17 Oct 18

    29 States, 7 Union Territories, 1652 total languages, 6 religions, 100s of festivals in one country 'India'.

    New Delhi, Wednesday, October 17, 2018: The largest school - student focused media and holistic development ecosystem, FairGaze organized a pan India free online contest "India As .. Show more

  • ‘Kalka Public School’ Winner School in “India As I See”
    16 Oct 18

    29 States, 7 Union Territories, 1652 total languages, 6 religions, 100s of festivals in one country 'India'.

    New Delhi, Tuesday, October 16, 2018: The largest school - student focused media and holistic development ecosystem, FairGaze organized a pan India free online contest "India As I .. Show more

  • Winners of "India As I See" at Apeejay School, Faridabad
    15 Oct 18

    New Delhi, October 15, 2018: The largest K12 Media and an innovative social-educational ecosystem “Fairgaze” organized a pan India free online contest "India As I See" for students on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day celebrations. Across India, students participated with enth.. Show more

  • The Noble Prize for Physics - 2018
    14 Oct 18

    The Nobel Prize is a set of annual international awards bestowed in several categories by Swedish and Norwegian institutions in recognition of academic, cultural, or scientific advances. The will of the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel established the five Nobel prizes in 1895.

    The Nobel Pr.. Show more

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  • Save Brain, Slay the Zombie Cells
    13 Oct 18

    Zombie brain cells!! Sounds kind of creepy right? However, yes there are certain cells in the brain which are not dead and yet they are of no use as these cells are unable to perform the functions that a normal cell would do.

    Along with a general decline of overall health, most of the chr.. Show more

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  • Gene Sharing Between Neanderthals and Humans
    12 Oct 18

    Human evolution is the evolutionary process behind the emergence of anatomically modern humans, beginning with the evolutionary history of primates – in particular genus Homo – and leading to the emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species of the hominid family, the great apes. Hu.. Show more

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  • Young Mozart at The Mann: A Musical Cultural Extravaganza
    11 Oct 18

    New Delhi, Thursday, October 11, 2018: The Mann School organized an Inter House Instrumental Concert 'Young Mozart' on 18th September, 2018. The largest school - student focused media and holistic development ecosystem, FairGaze provided a live coverage of the same. Around 48 to .. Show more

  • CBSE: Class 9 and 11 Exam Registrations
    10 Oct 18

    The exam registration process for class 9 and 11 for the academic session 2018-2019, have begun as announced by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

    The circular has been sent so that all affiliated schools get themselves registered before the students can fill up their forms online .. Show more

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  • Africa in Need of Education Revolution
    09 Oct 18

    The smart minds of Africa believe that the young children of today will form Africa’s future in the times to come. But that shall only be possible if the young people of today shall have the skills to do so. This shall only be possible if Africa undergoes a total entrepreneurial and knowled.. Show more

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  • Goblin" Dwarf Planet Discovered
    08 Oct 18

    Astronomers have detected another inaccessible dwarf with an amazingly wide orbit, loaning additional proof to the possibility that a significantly greater "Planet X" is out there somewhere.

    Despite the fact that the protest is authoritatively known as 2015 TG387, it was clearly given the.. Show more

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  • The Epitome of Sacrifice: Mother Teresa
    07 Oct 18

    Mother Teresa, famously known as “Saint Teresa of Calcutta” was born on 26th August, 1910.  She was born in Skopje (now the capital of Macedonia). After 18 years of being in Macedonia, she moved to Ireland and subsequently to India. She spent a major part of her life in India its.. Show more

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  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms: Children with Learning Difficulties
    06 Oct 18

    Every parent aspire to have intelligent and able children who will go to achieve or reach somewhere in their lives as this society of ours values intelligence on a very high scale. Therefore, children who struggle with learning along with their parents are often at risk of being stigmatized or un.. Show more

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  • Singaporean Reforms in the Education Sector
    05 Oct 18

    With the increasing competition in the world comes increased stress for students at a very young age. Everyone expects their children to score 90-95% in academics. But is that really possible? Well practically, No. In order to reduce the academic stress on students, the Singaporean schools have c.. Show more

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  • Climate Action: More Jobs, Better Health
    04 Oct 18

    No country across the globe has remained insulated from the drastic effects of climate change. Globally this needs to be addressed and urgent and immediate actions are to be taken if we intend to avoid a catastrophe that is looming over the planet we call home. Global warming is causing long last.. Show more

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  • The Road Not Taken
    03 Oct 18

    Comfort zone is a place where one feels least afraid. Everyone associate comfort zone with a secured place like their home. When one lives in a comfort zone you miss upon a lot. Living in your comfort zone for long becomes boring and it acts as a cage. So, one should always explore the .. Show more

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  • Monthly Employment Allowance For The Unemployed Youth in AP
    02 Oct 18

    'Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestham' is the new scheme passed in the state legislative assembly to give a month unemployment allowance to Jobless, unemployed youth in Andhra Pradesh by the state government. It will officially be launched on 2nd October, 2018 in Andhra Pradesh, wherein Chief Min.. Show more

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  • Social Responsibilities: Corporate Funding
    01 Oct 18

    We hear a lot about social responsibilities in our daily life and specially these days we hear a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. What is CSR, and when did this start? The thought of giving back to the society or the concern can be traced back to the 1930’s. The 1950’.. Show more

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  • US Now Ranks 27th for Healthcare and Education
    30 Sep 18

    US is now ranking 27th in the world in terms of healthcare and educations. This is a steep decline from 1990, when it ranked sixth. The reason for decrease in education might be because of less and poorly allocated funds for elementary and high schools. US can experience a faster economic growth .. Show more

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  • Health Cafes is the Latest Trend in the Food Industry
    29 Sep 18

    Fighting the long lasting war between taste and health, it’s great news that finally taste won. The new treads in the food industry levy great care on the health aspects of the food. There are many options available and the list starts from healthy momos and does not end. People from varied.. Show more

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  • Indian Educational Apps Going Global
    28 Sep 18

    There are lot many educational apps doing the rounds in the market, however, very few are making their mark and it is very satisfying to know how the Indian Education technology startups are going global and doing very good.

    Just three years and education technology startup Mindler has al.. Show more

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  • The Legacy Of Oldest Co-Ed School In The Country, Sanawar
    27 Sep 18

    Burrowed up in the nature's wide embrace, the Lawrence School has sure become famous with the Sanawar hill upon which it stands. And the heritage school has made some world leaders, businessmen, actors, distinguished army officers as its alumni. The 139-acre campus is full of greenery, has grand .. Show more

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  • Building Violations Reported in 40% of CBSE Schools in TN
    26 Sep 18

    School Education Department conducted its first inspection drive to verify infrastructure along with other facilities in CBSE schools. They found that 40% of schools in TN don't have necessary approvals including building safety, fire safety and sanitary certificates.

    Out of 1000 schools,.. Show more

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  • CAG Expressed Resentment over Implementation of RTE in Gujarat
    25 Sep 18

    The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has expressed resentment over the implementation of the Right to Education Act (RTE) in Gujarat denoting out conspicuous shortcomings “indicating that the key objectives of the law for universalization of elementary education could not be f.. Show more

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  • Low Learning in Primary School Children
    24 Sep 18

    The survey of Annual Status of Education Report and the Planning Commission Evaluation report along with Bill and Melinda Gates foundation indicate that only a Quarter of third grade students can actually read or understand a simple story or could perform basic numerical problems.

    The dis.. Show more

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  • Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
    23 Sep 18

    Whenever one hears the name Michelle Obama, the very first thing that comes to the mind is an image of an immensely dignified, learned, and kind person. It is rarely that you get to see all of these qualities coming together.

    Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was born on the 17th of Januar.. Show more

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  • Being Digital To No Education
    22 Sep 18

    We are heading towards Digital India and universal education through various schemes. In India, there are 13,000 villages which don’t have schools. As per the report released by the Ministry of Rural Development revealed around 13,511 villages across all states do not have a school.

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  • Computers are Available For Free to Practice Test
    21 Sep 18

    Those who don’t have computers or mobile phones, over 2.72 lakh computers are being made available for free, to practice tests of JEE (Main) and UGC-NET examinations. 3, 404 Test Practice Centres (TPCs) launched by the National Testing Agency (NTA), across the 662 districts of the country, .. Show more

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  • 'Optical Rocket' Created with Intense Laser Light
    20 Sep 18

    Physics professor Donald Umstadter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently did an experiment about the plasma electrons in the paths of intense laser light pulses. They were almost instantly accelerated close to the speed of light. He stated that the new application might be called an "opt.. Show more

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  • Wild Animals Were Traded And Captured in Ancient Mesoamericans
    19 Sep 18

    According to a new study, from the Maya city of Copan, in Honduras, Mesoamericans routinely captured and traded wild animals for the ritual and symbolic purposes. The study was published on 12th September, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE. Wild animals such as puma and jaguar were used by.. Show more

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  • No More Holidays
    18 Sep 18

    School days are some of the most important days of our lives. These are the days that help us shape the future that we want to see for ourselves. Each year on a average consists of about 6000 waking hours out of which on a average students in India spend 1000 hours in school. According to experts.. Show more

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  • Air Force Grants $7.2 Billion Contract for 22 Global Positioning System Satellites
    17 Sep 18

    On September 14, 2018, Friday, the US Air force declared to grant a 7.2 billion dollars contract to Lockheed Martin so as to manufacture 22 global positioning system satellites. Secretary of Air Force Heather Wilson remarked that the new range of GPS Satellite shall prove to be more resistant to .. Show more

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  • Lancet Lauds Indian Prime Minister’s Healthcare Initiatives
    16 Sep 18

    Lancet, one of the world’s best known medical journals has time and again played a key role in reframing people’s political views concerning medical services. In the year August 2014, the journal published “An Open Letter for the People of Gaza,” criticizing Israel in the .. Show more

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  • ‘Joyful Saturday’ – A Government of Rajasthan Initiative
    15 Sep 18

    We all know that in today’s competitive world, students are highly burdened by academic pressure. They are taught around 8-9 subjects. They have to bear the pressure of assignments, homework, projects etc. In doing all of this the real childhood gets lost.

    Children these days have h.. Show more

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  • The Ideal Example of a Government Run School
    14 Sep 18

    We all know about the deteriorating standards of the government schools in India. The common characteristics of a government school are shaky buildings, broken furniture, poor power supply, and quite often no teachers. But there is an exception to everything in the world. One such exception is a .. Show more

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  • India To Participate In PISA 2021 After HRD Approval
    13 Sep 18

    HRD has finally decided to end its boycott of the examination after not having been participated in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) since the year 2012. PISA was introduced in 2000 by OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation Development). It was set up so as to test the l.. Show more

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  • Dengue Fever – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
    12 Sep 18

    Among the various diseases, Dengue fever is one that takes most of the lives every year. It is a mosquito-borne viral disease occurring in tropical and subtropical areas. It is caused by four different viruses and spread by Aedes mosquitoes.

    The various symptoms of this fever are: dengue .. Show more

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  • 8 Myths Busted About Project Based Learning
    11 Sep 18

    Project Based Learning or PBL has a lot of advantages but some myths about it keep us from learning its full potential. Here are some of the myths:


    Myth #1: Project Based Learning = Student Doing Projects

    PBL focuses on students learning through the pr.. Show more

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  • TATA Power Collaborated With PETA To Inculcate Kindness In School Children
    10 Sep 18

    Tata Power has teamed up with PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) to inculcate kindness and empathy for others in school-going children. The initiative is going to assist teachers in around 250 schools to access material that are part of the association's humane education programme. Ac.. Show more

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  • Face Book And Mark Zuckerberg
    09 Sep 18

    Who does not know Mark Zuckerberg? He is the co-founder of Face book, the social media platform that has taken the world by storm. From kids to adults, business houses to home makers, everyone these days are not just familiar with Face book but have an account and are pretty actively involved in .. Show more

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  • Tamil Nadu’s Education Minister Aims to Set Up 200 Atal Tinkering Labs
    08 Sep 18

    Atal Tinkering Labs is a Government Project as are set up as dedicated work spaces where students from class 6th to Class 12th in the country may learn innovative skills and develop ideas that will help in the transformation of India. Labs are powered to accustom the student.. Show more

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  • This Is How Schools In Delhi Are Revolutionising Education
    07 Sep 18

    Roshan Lal, a 40-year old rickshaw puller admitted his son into a government school in Delhi with not such high hopes. But, he now looks quite content considering his son is doing well in school and learning new things which he hadn't thought of. He is happy to hear that some of his teachers are .. Show more

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  • Government Steps Forward to Help IIT and MBBS Aspirants
    06 Sep 18

    In the present world each student aspires to be an IITian or an MBBS, but not even ¼ th of these students are able to turn their dreams into reality. This is precisely because the JEE and the NEET exam are considered to be the toughest entrance exams and require regular preparation and pra.. Show more

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  • After Blue Whale, There Is Advisory From Centre Against Momo Challenge
    05 Sep 18

    In the last few days, we have been hearing about another dangerous challenge, kind of like Blue whale, that is affecting a lot of teenagers in India and worldwide. The name of the challenge is Momo Challenge and there have been several reports to the police regarding its incongruous nature. Just .. Show more

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  • The Price of Education
    04 Sep 18

    Higher education is one of the major outgoing costs in anyone’s life other than purchasing a house. Education expenses are quite different around the world.

    In the US on an average a family spends about $685 on a child's back to back necessities from the time the child is in kinderg.. Show more

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  • Scientists at NASA Discover Real Evidence of Kuiper Belt
    03 Sep 18

    The New Horizons probe, which flew past Pluto in 2015, is set to encounter the Kuiper Belt object, referred to as 2014 MU69-nicknamed Ultima Thule-on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, 2019. In 2014 it was detected that the object MU69 is more than 6.5 billion km away from Earth.. Show more

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  • Global Learning Crisis Has Left Millions Without Basic Skills
    02 Sep 18

    Skill development is crucial for our future generation to develop, find jobs and contribute to betterment of the society. But according to data by UNESCO Institute for Statistics, a staggering 617 million children and adolescents do not have proper skills for reading or mathematics. Jobs of futur.. Show more

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  • Natya Shastra: Bharatanatyam
    01 Sep 18

    India has a rich cultural heritage that is very ancient. The Natya Shastra is a Sanskrit text on performing arts that dates back between 200 BCE and 200 CE. It is a notable as an ancient encyclopedia of art which has greatly influenced dance, music and literary traditions in India.

    Bharat.. Show more

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  • Removing Linguistic Barriers in a Cosmopolitan Era
    31 Aug 18

    In a world where life is absolutely linked with each other and sharing of thoughts need no medium, language and gestures have played a great role since early time. Expression varies from laugh to tear and the giggle we hear makes the heart smear. Knowledge is not always readily available so commu.. Show more

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  • Meet The Crypto Billionaire Who No One Has Heard Of
    30 Aug 18

    Chinese cryptocurrency mining chip firm Bitmain has been in the news due to its upcoming IPO. While one of his confounders, Jihan Wu, has been more in the limelight due to his social media presence, the other, Micree Zhan has kept a much lower profile. Zhan, however, has a bigger stake in the com.. Show more

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  • Students are Preferring Non Clinical Courses over Clinical Ones – NEET Results
    29 Aug 18

    The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG is an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study graduate medical course and dental course in government or private medical colleges and dental colleges respectively in India. Recently a statement was made by the Joint .. Show more

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  • CBSE Warns School of No Homework Policy till Class II in New Notice
    28 Aug 18

    All the affiliated schools to Central Board of Secondary Education have been issued notice to diligently follow now homework policy for Classes I and II. The notice was sent on 13th of August to all the affiliated schools and asked them to ensure that the NCERT regulations of now homework rule fo.. Show more

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  • The Math of 10 Lakh Teacher's Vacancy and 4 Lakh Excess Teachers
    27 Aug 18

    Astonishing figures have confounded the government itself. The HRD ministry informed the parliament recently and it also concluded that India has 4 lakhs of excess teachers at school level.

    Confused to hear such figures? Well the government itself is confounded by its report wondering why.. Show more

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  • Government Seeks to Reform JEE Advanced Exam
    26 Aug 18

    Recently as per a proposal by the government, a five-member committee, headed by IIT-Madras director has been constituted in order to suggest changes to the JEE (Advanced) exam pattern. This step has been taken because this year an inadequate number of candidates could only qualify the entrance t.. Show more

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  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Dream Project
    25 Aug 18

    Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, programme pioneered by former Prime Minister Late Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, is an Indian Government programme aimed at the universalization of elementary education "in a time bound manner", making free and compulsory education to children between th.. Show more

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  • A Video Game That Can Improve Empathy and Change The Brain
    24 Aug 18

    A robot that is exploring in the space crashes on a distant planet. It is now looking for parts of its spaceship and needs to build emotional bond with the alien habitants there. Even though the aliens speak a different language but their facial expressions are quite like humans. The framework is.. Show more

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  • Prams and Pollution
    23 Aug 18

    The personal vehicles that we use are a major cause of pollution adding to the global warming index. The vehicular smoke spews nitrogen in the atmosphere and it lingers in the air and can cause acid rain and water pollution. Carbon dioxide is not just a deadly gas but it traps hea.. Show more

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  • Childhood Abuse Is Related To The Risk Of Endometriosis
    22 Aug 18

    A recent study that included more than 60,000 women shows that child abuse might be linked to the condition of endometriosis - a disorder that causes the tissue, endometrium, to grow outside uterus. It normally grows inside. This can cause pain around the pelvis and sometimes, infertility. Resear.. Show more

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  • Monsoon Revival: Cheer and Misery
    21 Aug 18

    The critical Southwest monsoon is lifeblood to India's $2trillion economy and broke over the southern state of Kerala at the start of June. The southwest monsoon that brings approximately 70 percent of the country's annual rain usually sets over Kerala by the end of May or the first week of June .. Show more

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  • JEE Mains 2019: Online Application For January Available
    20 Aug 18

    National Testing Agency (NTA) will now conduct national-level JEE Main exam after taking over the charge from CBSE. The exam will be conducted in online mode - twice a year. The January session will include 8 settings. To appear in the JEE Advanced exam 2019, candidates will first have to clear t.. Show more

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  • CICSE: Postponement of Class IX and XI exams
    19 Aug 18

    The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations is a privately_ held national level school education in India which is responsible for conducting the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and the Indian School Certificate examinations for Class X and Class XII was established in 19.. Show more

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  • 3-Year Old British Girl Whose IQ Is Higher Than Einstein And Hawking
    18 Aug 18

    Ophelia Morgan Dew is sending shock waves across the world with her high IQ scores. Her IQ stands at a whopping 171, which is both commendable and surprising for such a young age. Not to forget that this IQ is 11 points more than the respected physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. There.. Show more

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  • Jharkhand: Changing Face of Education
    17 Aug 18

    The Jharkhand Government signed three memorandums of understandings with three different NGOs that work in the sector of school education on a zero investment innovation model. The three NGOs will be working in different spheres of school education that need improvement with just administrative s.. Show more

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  • Steep Declines in US Factory Pollution after Environmental Regulations
    16 Aug 18

    A study done by two economists at University of California, Berkeley shows that the Federal Clean associated environmental regulations has shown a sheer decline in the levels of air pollution in past decades even though the production has increased. The study showed that emissions by US manufactu.. Show more

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  • Taking A Look Back At The Significance Of Independence Day
    15 Aug 18

    Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15th of August as a national holiday. On this day, we commemorate independence of our country from the East India Company on 15th of August 1947. On this day, the parliament of UK passed the Independence Act that transferred the legislative sovereignty t.. Show more

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  • India Comes Knocking at the Fast, Steady Economic Growth
    14 Aug 18

    Indian economy is becoming more robust, with fast and steady rate of growth, new market reforms, expansion of digital footprints, rural growth and new modern infrastructure. All these have led to a marked improvement in India's Global presence in emerging markets with 90 percent of the FDI coming.. Show more

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  • Quizizz Gets a Partner in Nexus Venture
    13 Aug 18

    What is Quizizz?

    Quizizz is yet another virtual classroom that is multilayered and allows students to practice and interact together. It is free to use and works on all devices that supports a browser, like computers, tablets, laptops or smart phones. It is very popular amongst students a.. Show more

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  • Teaching Techniques: Innovative Schemes of Smart Teachers
    12 Aug 18

    The best approach to lean anything new is to look at it with enthusiasm and interest. One can learn fast if she/she tries to understand the ideas and concepts rather than just memorize without understanding. Without understanding the concept one tends to forget it as fast as it has been memorized.. Show more

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  • Gujarat: Teachers To Be Brought to Books
    11 Aug 18

    India has spent $94 billion on basic education, however the result of the evaluation of teachers of government run schools are downright disheartening and rather shameful. In Maharashtra only 1% of more than 245, 800 teachers who were evaluated in the primary level could clear the test. The upper.. Show more

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  • 5 Improvements Sonam Wangchuk Suggests In India's Education System
    10 Aug 18

    Sonam Wangchuk is the inspiration behind the film '3 Idiots'. He has suggested some reforms that would work towards boosting India's education system.

    • Public schools for all: Education is a big business in India. Lack of proper public schools and quality education in them ha.. Show more

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    • The Future of Psychiatry
      09 Aug 18

      It seems the future of Psychiatry is more uncertain at this time than it ever has been before. It is observed that the crisis has risen due to the fact that Psychiatry studies done in the past failed to integrate symptoms classifications with biomarkers. This crisis in Psychiatry .. Show more

    • "Happiness classes should be longer": Says Class 8th Student Of Delhi
      08 Aug 18

      Delhi Government has recently introduced Happiness Curriculum from Nursery to Class 8. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia believes that these classes can be a solution to problems like terrorism, crime, corruption etc. This is what one kid, Ashutosh from South West Delhi has to say about these classes. Show more

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    • British Council: English Is Important But Not At The Cost Of Mother Tongue
      07 Aug 18

      The British Council is running "The Language of Education in Multilingual India: Exploring Effects on Reading and Mathematics" along with the University of Cambridge in government schools all across Delhi so as to explore and expand multilingual learning and cognitive abilities of the students. T.. Show more

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    • 30 Amazing Books For Teachers To Read
      06 Aug 18

      There is always time for professional learning to grow. Here are some books that can help you climb the ladder:


      1. Ditch That Homework by Matt Miller and Alice Keeler
      2. Shake Up Learning by Kasey Bell
      3. Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burges.. Show more

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      4. Teachers Training Programme Gets a Revised Fee by CBSE
        05 Aug 18

        CBSE Teachers Training Programme called the capacity building programme gets a revised fee update from the institution. The programme is an exhaustive training for teachers and principals. These kinds of programmes are generally centered around and implemented from the centre of excellence of the.. Show more

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      5. NCERT's New Guidelines Will Protect Children's Privacy In Preschools
        04 Aug 18

        Show more

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      6. NCERT Will Train Teachers Using Online Courses
        03 Aug 18

        The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has recently collaborated with Curtin University, Australia to develop and execute online training modules for Indian teachers. This will help in simplifying dissemination of new courses to teachers that work in rural or interior b.. Show more

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      7. How Pollution Will Affect Wildlife Behavior
        02 Aug 18

        There are a number of factors that can influence animal behavior. But behavioral toxicology is gaining a special interest in environmental sciences. A team of researchers at University of Portsmouth have made new tests that will help gain more knowledge in effects of pollution on behavior of wild.. Show more

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      8. Another Study That Suggests Portfolio Diet Is Good For Reducing Heart Disease
        01 Aug 18

        We have heard that portfolio diet or plant based diet is good for many health related things including preventing us from the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as triglycerides, blood pressure and inflammation. Researchers at University of Toronto claims that along with reducing LDl or bad cho.. Show more

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      9. India Will Surge In Economic Growth But Oil Poses Risk
        31 Jul 18

        India's $2 trillion economy will keep on surging by increased by increased government spending. Indian economy surpassed France recently to become world's sixth largest economy. The economy is expected to grow at 7.4% in the fiscal year that will end in March 2019. The only risk that the economy .. Show more

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      10. 5 Things We Need To Know About New Google Classrooms
        30 Jul 18

        Google announced some changes to Google Classroom at the end of June. The changes won't be updates until fall. Here are 5 things you need to know about it:

        • New Tabs and Organization: The tabs: stream, students and about will change to stream, classwork and people. The stream will b.. Show more

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        • What Are Aerobic Exercises And How Are They Helpful?
          29 Jul 18

          Aerobic exercises are exercises that are low to high intensity and focuses mainly on aerobic energy-generating process. Here are names of 10 best low impact aerobic exercises:


          1. Walking
          2. Walking on staircases
          3. Cycling
          4. Donkey Kicks
          5. .. Show more

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          6. How To Dance Hip-Hop
            28 Jul 18

            Hip Hop music is a genre of music that was developed in the US by African-Americans and Latino youth in the 1970's. This kind of music can be heard at various places like club, school dance etc. It is very popular. Here's how you can dance hip-hop in five easy steps:


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            • Underground Lake Spotted on Mars
              27 Jul 18

              The scientists discovered a salt-laden lake which is under ice on the southern polar plain of Mars. This is said to be a possible habitat for microbial life and it was found using a radar instrument on an orbitting space craft. The water body that has been discovered is 20km in diameter and is sh.. Show more

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            • Removal of GST from Sanitary Pads
              26 Jul 18

              India is a developing country and another achievement is added to it. GST has been removed from sanitary napkins. Pads were taxed at 12 per cent under the one-year old GST regime, but not anymore. This decision to exempt sanitary pads was taken by the GST council on 21st July, 2018. Show more

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            • How Writing Can Reduce Math Anxiety
              25 Jul 18

              Maths is overwhelming for student both in a good way and a bad way. Hundreds of studies have discussed on the topic of 'math anxiety'. The math fear affects students of all ages, from kindergarten to grad school. And this fear extends to real life as well like at times when we want to plan for re.. Show more

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            • A Doctor That Inspired A New Way To Train Teachers And How That's Catching Up
              24 Jul 18

              Professors at the University of Michigan are trying to bring a radical change after years of training teachers in the same way. They are going to move away from the years long practice of sending teachers to teach in the classrooms after just a small time of student teaching. They are basically c.. Show more

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            • 'Storm Chasers' On Mars Looking For Some Uncovered Secrets
              23 Jul 18

              Scientists that have been observing the red planet from data collected by NASA's orbiters, the past month has really been quite taxing. Global dust storms is a phenomenon which causes a series of storms that creates a dust cloud so big that it completely covers the whole planet. This kind of phen.. Show more

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            • Here's What Students Who Topped CBSE Exam 10 Years Before Are Doing Now
              22 Jul 18

              Each year, students who top CBSE exam enjoy celebrity status for a day with their names splashed all over social media but the spotlight goes away as soon as it comes. Here's what some of the toppers are doing after their period of fame:


              • Dravyansh Sharma from Delhi i.. Show more

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              • How To Shimmy Like A Belly Dancer
                21 Jul 18

                All the beginners in belly dancing wants to learn how to shimmy and those at the intermediate level wants to know how to do it better. Shimmy is just fast vibration of the body. The reason why the modern Egyptian shimmy is so difficult is because you need to relax the part of the body you want to.. Show more

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              • Why Living In A Sunless Region Can Increase OCD Symptoms
                20 Jul 18

                It has been proved that sunless skies play a role in bringing down a person's mood and also decrease their motivation but a recent study suggests that it has an impact on the severity of obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms. Individuals who have OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder in which a p.. Show more

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              • 5 IITs Rank In Top 100 Golden Age University Rankings 2018
                19 Jul 18

                IIT Bombay along with 4 other IITs have made it to the list which ranks best universities established for more than 50 years but less than 80 years. Universities that were established between 1945-1967 were considered for the category. IIT Bombay, IIt Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanp.. Show more

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              • Kylie Jenner: A Teen Star All Set To Become World's Youngest Billionaire
                18 Jul 18

                Kylie Jenner made her debut on the most celebrity-struck family reality TV series 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' when she was just 10 years old. And after this point there was no turning back for the star. She is now the family's youngest and highest earner - thanks to her huge cosmetic line 'K.. Show more

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              • Climate Change Beneficial For Fish That Farms
                17 Jul 18

                Damselfish, also known as demoiselle, are of about 250 species of small, primarily tropical marine fishes. These belong to the family Pomacentridae (order Perciformes) and are found in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans. These colorful fishes are deep-bodied and usually have forked tails. They .. Show more

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              • The Tilt Of Uranus
                16 Jul 18

                Unlike all the other planets in the solar system, the axis of the planet Uranus is tilted at an angle of 98 degrees which makes it roll like a ball while going around the sun while the other planets can be said spin like a top while revolving around the Sun. The giant planet Uranus was tipped on .. Show more

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              • Vladimir Putin - The Russian President
                15 Jul 18

                Vladimir Putin is currently serving as the President of Russia since 2012 and he was also a Russian statesman and the former intelligence officer. Earlier, he held the position as a President from 2000 to 2008 and also the Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to the commencement of his presidency i.. Show more

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              • The Third Richest Person On The Globe; Mark Zuckerberg
                14 Jul 18

                A recent study says Technology is the biggest wealth creator and Mark Zuckerberg just happens to leapfrog into the position of 3rd richest person on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Surprisingly he surpassed Warren Buffet to claim his position. Even though Face bo.. Show more

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              • Neuroscientists Discover Secret To Intelligence In Parrots
                13 Jul 18

                According to a new study, University of Alberta Neuroscientists have identified a neural circuit that can help to underlay intelligence in birds. The discovery is an example of how the brains of birds and primates have evolved over time. The study has a huge potential to provide insights into the.. Show more

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              • Norilsk Pollution To Be Examined By Satellite
                12 Jul 18

                Air pollution is on the rise all over the world. There is immense need to keep a strict check on its regulation. It has been estimated that the local smelting industry produces about 1% of all the sulphur dioxide (SO₂) going into the air globally.

                It sums up to almost two million tons a y.. Show more

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              • Colostrum; the Elixir of Life
                11 Jul 18

                What is Colostrum?  Colostrum also known as Beestings or first milk is the precursor to breast milk and is stored and expelled in a through the mammary glands of mammals (including Humans) during the first 24 to 48 hours after birth. It is a thick, creamy liquid which could b.. Show more

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              • Ending Child Labor In This Generation; A Race Against Time
                10 Jul 18

                According to the International Labor Organization, approximately 17 percent of children across the world are subjected to child labor.  The Sub- Saharan African region being the most prevalent. Numbers are high especially in the developing countries and others where the stand.. Show more

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              • Deep Valleys On Mars Might Have Formed Due To Rain
                09 Jul 18

                According to a new study, heavy rainfall is assumed to be the reason of formation of valley networks on Mars that resemble a lot to the arid landscapes on Earth. Scientists believe that there must have been enough water on the planet to feed streams that divide channels into the subsoil. The orig.. Show more

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              • Jawed Habib: Meet The Hair Stylist With A $30 Million Business Empire
                08 Jul 18

                Jawed Habib owns more than 550 unisex all over India and 3 of them outside India too. He is ranked among one of the best hairdressers and he is aiming to reach for more across the whole world. His business is currently worth at around 30 million dollars with a $200,000 operational profit for the .. Show more

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              • Effects of Digital India On The Education System
                07 Jul 18

                Digital India is more like a dream coming true and is affecting all the sectors of the society. Its effect on the education system of India is noticeable and Digitalization is a reason behind the growth of education sector of India from past few years.

                Now the education system is not boun.. Show more

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              • The Psychology Of The Readers While Reading A Story Or Article
                06 Jul 18

                The headlines or the titles are the first thing that we look upon before reading a story or an article. They are main part of the story or an article that grabs the attention of the readers. It is found in a research that after reading the headlines or titles the readers usually decide whether th.. Show more

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              • Air Pollution Linked To Diabetes
                05 Jul 18

                Air Pollution is said to be associated with an increased of diabetes globally, in this case India is said to be at a greater risk as it lacks air cleaning policies. A research by Lancet planetary Health showed that air pollution can cause diabetes as it reduces insulin production and boosts infla.. Show more

              • Polycystic Ovarian Disease
                04 Jul 18

                Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Disease is a common reproductive endocrine disorder that has affected 5% of women till date. In PCOD excessive amount of androgens that are male hormones like testosterone are produced by the ovaries. It is a major cause behind infertility, menstrual irregularity and .. Show more

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              • Trump’s Carelessness for The Economics May Become A Problem
                03 Jul 18

                It is becoming more clear day by day that the US President Donald Trump’s is more focused on exercising the political power aggressively rather than caring about the economics. For those who practice the art and science of economics it’s a source of frustration.

                The Trump&rsqu.. Show more

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              • Universe’s Last Ordinary Matter Found
                02 Jul 18

                Scientists have located the last stock of ordinary matter in between the galaxies where they exist as extremely hot filaments of oxygen gas. These filaments evaded detection for a very long time but as per the scientists this ordinary matter which is also known as baryons form all physical object.. Show more

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              • India: The Land Of Festivals
                01 Jul 18

                India is a Land of festivals, Culture and Tradition. All the festivals that are celebrated here represent the Ethics, Culture, Prosperity and Diversity of India. As July starts various festivals are on the list of up comings.
                All the festivals that are celebrate in India has its own s.. Show more

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              • RUSA Approved Rs 335 Crore for The Betterment of Higher Education
                30 Jun 18

                Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) has approved project proposals worth Rs 335 crore. The projects were approved with the motive of developing the higher education sector for a period of four year.. Show more

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              • NSG Launches Psychology Test for Selection of Future Commandos
                29 Jun 18

                NSG has launched a new comprehensive psychology test for soldiers at entry level who wished to be honed as black cat commandos. These soldiers undertake special counter terror and counter hijack operations for the country. There were only demanding physical and mental strength tests till now if t.. Show more

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              • Air Pollution Leads To Tree Malnutrition
                28 Jun 18

                Pollution of all types and varieties is extremely harmful for all living beings whether humans, animals or plants. Lately, it has been observed as per a British study that the air pollution from engines, vehicles and farms has caused a lot of damage to plants. It is because the fungi dies due to .. Show more

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              • Folliculitis
                27 Jun 18

                The hair follicle is a dynamic organ that resides in the dermal layer of our skin and is made of 20 different cell types, and each of these cells has distinct functions. The hair follicles with interaction between hormones, the immune cells and neuropeptide are responsible for hair growth. The ha.. Show more

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              • India's Water Demand Will Double By 2030 Indicating Severe Water Scarcity
                26 Jun 18

                Eminent scientist K Kasturirangan predicted that the water demand of our country will be double of available supply by 2030 and create severe water security. This could cause water scarcity in thousands of people and a 6% loss in the GDP. He warned that the agriculture's share of the India's tota.. Show more

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              • New Cosmic Revelations By Gaia Satellite
                25 Jun 18