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The 68th Junior National Basketball Championship for Men and Women is scheduled to be conducted at Shiv Nadar University, Noida, from June 4th to 11th 2017. It will feature 24 women’s teams and 25 men’s teams in the U18 age group. Players representing different Indian States and Union territories will participate in it in a league cum knockout format. A fierce competition is expected.

The teams will be classified into two levels. The top 10 teams from the earlier championship will comprise level 1.  This group will be further divided into 2 groups (Group A and B) of five teams each. The remaining teams comprise level 2. This group will be further divided into 4 groups (Group C, D, E, F).

In the league stages, inside each group all the teams will play with each of the other teams once. The top 3 teams from both Level 1 groups will directly advance to the quarterfinals, while the team placed fourth will play pre-quarterfinals opposing the top 2 teams from Level 2.

This Championship, over the years, has provided a platform for the country’s U18 category best players to display their talents. 


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