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A New Pocket Sized Device to Identify Chemicals

A team of scientists and engineers from Harvard University have created a technology which can easily recognize unknown liquids and material properties. This new sensing technology has been created in such a way that it is portable and less expensive unlike any other device.


The scientists have named it watermark Ink (W-INK). According to the claim it is a small device that can easily fit in the pocked. This new technology is ideal for official use as it can verify various unknown chemicals in a short period of time.


A new company named Validere co-founded by Harvard scientists and engineers will commercialize this solution (W- INK) soon. Validere aimed to create a device which can be fruitful for people with equal benefits that any other expensive devices can provide them.


Co-founder of Velidere made clear in a statement that many companies try to create a smaller hardware but at the same time it is hard to develop a solution that can immediately work. The company’s co-founder has also stated that, “The Harvard’s solution is quick to identify several chemicals as well as it is portable too”.




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