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A Not Out Cricket for Kids in Australia- An Initiative to Make Sports More Interesting

The Australian Cricket has given many relaxations to the rule book for young players in an initiative to use the fun of backyard cricket as the motivating factor of its junior program. Various steps have been taken in this regard. Giving a try to make the game little easier the junior teams are made smaller and pitches are made shorter.

Most of the cricket specialists think that backyard cricket rules are the better way to teach children the technique of game. The changes have been done under the guidance of Dr. Renshaw, father of Australian batsman Matthew Renshaw. He says that there should not be limitation of time or overs to play. The kids should play till they want to play in their natural way. The more they will play the better player they will become in future. Cricket Australia has taken the initiative to make the game more enjoyable so that kids do batting, bowling and fielding for longer periods. Under this new format of junior cricket, Games are made shorter, by cutting from 30 to 20 overs, in a 40-metre boundary of ground. Now it is made sure that everyone is given a fair chance to bat, bowl, field, and wicket-keeping every week. These all changes are commendable but the most interesting part is that, in this new format nobody will be declared out. Children will be made familiar with the rules and real techniques of cricket with their growing age.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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