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The Canada brought-up Indian wrestler Jinder Mahal beat The Viper Randy Orton at WWE Backlash for his first WWE title. 'Phir bhi dil hai hindustani' is the phrase that he epitomizes. And his gimmick in WWE too is thoroughly Indian. He is very proud of representing India in the WWE; and adores the passion of Indian fans for wrestling, says Jinder Mahal.

Talking of his move from Raw to Smackdown live, he says that it has been great; and that he feels at home in the land of opportunity. About The Singh Brothers, he says that he has known them for a long time, and that they have been helping him in the SmackDown Live.

Talking about his recent entry, he says that it feels good to be back, and that he wants to improve himself, his promo skills, his body and in ring work.

His dream opponent is John Cena, and the toughest one for him is Daniel Bryan, he says. About his family, he feels lucky to have supportive family members. He suggests Indian wrestlers to stay away from drugs, work hard, respect their bodies, respect themselves and respect their parents.


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