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Archeologists Found 1200 Years Old Treasures in an Arab Cargo Ship

The researchers are analyzing the findings which were discovered in 1998 by the commercial sea cucumber divers at the coast of Indonesia. The past findings had revealed the 1200 years old Arab shipwreck packed with porcelain that sank en route from China to the Persian Gulf in the 9th century.

The findings have revealed trade between Arab and China. As per the researchers Arab cities had developed a taste for Chinese porcelain wares, commissioning all kinds of vessels from Tang Dynasty China.

To fulfill the requirement of the beautiful treasures these cities had developed techniques for the full-scale mass production of ceramics even at that early date. The scientists stated that the shipwreck was full of well-preserved contents. 

The selection also went on view in the U.S. for the first time ever in “Secrets of the Sea: A Tang Shipwreck and Early Trade in Asia” at the Asia Society in New York from March 7th.



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