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England’s governing Football Association has charged Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger with misconduct charges. Wenger had an alleged altercation with the fourth official, Antony Taylor, during the 2-1 Premier League. Around the 92nd minute of the match, he verbally abused Taylor for awarding a stoppage-time penalty to Burnley. Because of this, referee Jon Moss, dismissed Wenger from his technical area.

The 67 years old veteran French boss then tried to watch the final moments of the match at the north London club Arsenal Emirates Stadium’s tunnel. When asked to move back, he was seen pushing Taylor, as per the television pictures.

After the match, Wenger, who has been Arsenal’s manager since 1996, apologized for his indecency. But that did not keep him from being charged by the FA.

FA’s statement on this- "Arsene Wenger has been charged for misconduct following Arsenal's game against Burnley on Sunday (22 January 2017)”.

"It is further alleged that following his dismissal from the technical area, his behavior in remaining in the tunnel area and making physical contact with the fourth official amounted to improper conduct. He has until 6:00pm (1800 GMT) on 26 January 2017 to respond to the charge."

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