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Asteroids that Headed Towards Earth on 26th October

Within one minute of each other, two asteroids headed towards Earth on 26th October, 2017. One of the asteroids amongst the two is of the height of the Big Ben. The NASA’s Close Approaches page said that the 2017 UG3 zooms flied just after the one minute of 2017 TL4. 2017 TL4 flied at 9:47 PM of UK time.

TL4 asteroid was estimated to be up to 81 metres in diameter. It is almost the length of a small football pitch (90m) or the Big Ben (91m). Sister rock UG3 asteroid was estimated to be up to 22m which is bigger than the size of a cricket pitch (20.12m). Also, these two asteroids approached Earth on the same date earlier, 2017 UH at 5:22 PM and the 2017 UE3 came nearly eight minutes later of the former one.

There was no possibility of the two asteroids to hit the planet Earth. The space geeks reported that the two asteroids were 12 Lunar Distances away from the planet.

By: Bhavna Sharma

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