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The NBA (National Basketball Association) of America is to open an NBA Academy in India, in the NCR in April 2017. This NBA funded academy will search for, train and recruit the best football players from all over the country. It will be the fifth NBA Academy in the world, and the first of its kind in our country. Earlier this year, the NBA had opened three such academies in China.

From next month onward, NBA will carry out a national scouting program to choose its first talent pool which will comprise of 24 candidates in the 14 to 18 age group. These candidates will be provided training and scholarships at the academy. And their academic education will be carried out in partnership with schools. The selection will be completed by February 2017.

The NBA academy’s students will play against the top international and domestic teams. The most competent players will be placed in the recently established NBA Global Academy, Australia. Yannick Colaco, MD of NBA India said “NBA Academy India will help us identify and develop elite homegrown prospects and shape the next generation of national players.”

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