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A few people love birding. If you are one among these, here is a short beginner’s guide on the birding gear you would need. Dr.Parvish Pandya, Associate Professor of Zoology and Vice-Principal, Bhavan’s College, Mumbai says that your safety and that of birds is very important than buying gears.

Afshan Husain, one of the East Delhi Birders’ group members suggests that you should always go for birding in a group. She recommends bird watchers to get a NikonP900 camera with 83x zoom. It is important to avoid disturbing the birds, suggests Dr.Pandaya. According to him, it is more important to observe the birds rather than clicking pictures of them.

Both Dr.Pandya and Husain recommend that while birding, you should avoid shorts, and wear full-sleeves to prevent mosquito bites. They also ask you to carry mosquito repellants, water and snacks in your backpack. After you get a grab of the basics, you would need to carry a pen and a notepad to note down the bird types, habitat and location, says Husain.

Dr.Pandya suggests that you read books to identify birds; get a pair of binoculars for birding; and record the birds’ voices in your smartphone. 

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