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Britain's Oldest 'Cheddar Man' Now has a Face

With exceptional artistic abilities, a team of UCL scientists and DNA specialists have successfully revealed the mystery behind the Cheddar Man, the world's foremost prehistoric men of Britain.

The results are so accurate that they unfold the mystery and reveals about their facial structure and complexion. It is clear now that the 'Cheddar Man' had blue eyes, curly hair and 'dark to black' skin complexion. The present discovery suggests that the light pigmentation can be considered as a defining feature of Northern Europe. It is the first of its kind of human DNA projects till date. Researchers were trying to know about the appearance of Cheddar man since a long period of time as Cheddar man share similar profile with that of many other Mesolithic-era Europeans from Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg. Their DNA has already been analyzed. It came out after research that these hunter gatherers migrated to Europe at the end of the Ice age and mingled with the ancestors of Cheddar Man’s. A tiny, 2-mm wide hole was made into the ancient skull to get the bone powder for analysis by scientists. Their DNA could be preserved with the help of favourable and stable condition and that was the reason of the success of scientists giving identity to 'Cheddar Man.’ A high-tech scanner was used to get the full three-dimensional details of the skull.

By- Anita Aishvarya



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