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Can Various Creative Ideas Have a Similar Pattern?

What is the definition of a ‘CREATIVE’ idea? According to many beliefs, ‘a creative impression is a comprehensive “Big Idea” that attracts audience interest, influences their emotional reaction and inspires them to move forward.

The researchers from Columbia Business School have found a different perspective. The author of the study, Olivier Toubia and Oded Netzer, tried to find out, how a good balance between novelty and familiarity make an impact on creative thought. The study was based on the concept that ideas are considered more creative when they have a good mix of novelty along with familiarity.

Fortunately, the scientists got expected results by analyzing and text mining thousands of previously generated ideas. Additionally, they identified common patterns in ideas that are considered creative.

As per the experts, a creative idea is not simply an idea that includes novel elements, but combinations of words that are novel when appearing together. A creative idea must be balanced with combinations of ingredients that are more familiar, stated the author of the study.

By: Priyanka Negi


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