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Canada vs. India at Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is one of the most prestigious tennis championships. It has been given the title of “World Cup of Tennis” by the organizers.

This session of Davis cup will be held in Canada. Canadian ground has been lucky for the India tennis players for last 4 years. Canada will be the host to India for the Davis cup this year and will later be playing off against India on the same grounds. The venue of the matches and the court surfaces are yet to be decided. The matches will be held around 15th September to 17th September, this year. The winner of the tournaments will be placed in the elite world group of tennis whereas the loser will be moved to the group of qualifying regionals.

This is the first time that the two teams are coming together to play against each other. While Canada is at the 16th rank, India stands at the 18th. We hope to see India grabbing a place in the world team group.


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