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Cannabis Use Leads Towards Bipolar Disorder in Adolescent

Cannabis is one of the most commonly used illegal substances of abuse used in western countries. It has been found that almost 9.5% in the United States and 2.6% of the UK population have been dependent on cannabis. A new research has found that adolescent cannabis use is a specific risk factor for future hypomania that is the periods of elated mood, that include over-activeness and excited behavior. It also signifies reduced need for sleep that is often experienced as part of bipolar disorder. It has a strong impact on our regular life. A clinical Study was analyzed on Parents and Children and it was observed that the use of teenage cannabis for at least 2-3 times in a week is associated with suffering from symptoms of hypomania. It is the first to test the prospective relation between adolescent cannabis use and hypomania in adulthood at early stage. Frequent use of adolescent cannabis increases the risk of developing bipolar disorder in young children. Cannabis use in young people is very common and associated with psychiatric disorders. But unfortunately the prospective link between cannabis use and bipolar disorder symptoms has not been investigated that it should have been. It is very much important to protect children of this substance that has all the negative effects in later stage of life.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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