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Career Choice

India is a democratic country that is for the people, of the people and by the people yet the people who are a part of this democratic country do not have the right knowledge of the career they can pursue in their life, where passion and knowledge combines miracles happen.

The Major cause behind the slow development of our country is Underemployment and Unemployment. Underemployment is a stage where a job does not matches the caliber and qualification of an employee. The current ratio of unemployment of our country is 3.52%. If we talk about this from the grass root level the reason is people are not aware about the various careers that are available to them. The new fields and the scope of various careers in today’s era are unknown to half the population. According to a study within next 10 years all the work that is today done by humans will be done by robotic technology hence the careers that will be available for humans will be only in the field that needs creativity. Unemployment and Underemployment are a deep rooted cancer that needs to be cured in almost every part of our country.

By: Shruti Anand

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