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Celebrating Gotchi for Their Sons

The people of Himachal Pradesh are seeped deep into traditions. Every year in the month of February, people of Himachal gather together to celebrate the festival -Gotchi. The festival is held to celebrate the birth of male child in the previous year. The people dress up in traditional clothes.

The people of the village along with the priest go to the village shrine with the new-borns and the mother. There the priest fires an arrow at sheep skin. Whichever sides the arrow hits is said to get more sons the next year. Dough made of barley is broken into pieces and thrown away as an offering to the deities. After the completion of the ritual the people go back to their homes.

The festival holds great importance for the people of Himachal Pradesh as the tradition has been passed on to them over years from their ancestors. Inhabitants of the place take great pride in their culture and traditions and gather together in huge numbers to celebrate the festival of Gotchi.


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