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Challenging the Accuracy of Black Hole Models

Our solar system has so many mysteries that are yet to be solved. Black holes are the most Complex and mysterious cosmic event in our Universe. Black hole is a region of space that has a gravitational field so acute that does not allow any matter or radiation to escape through. There is an assumption that things are contracted because Black hole pulls everything towards its centre when something comes near it, that’s why we cannot see it; however; scientists have challenged this assumption by saying that just because it is invisible, we can’t say that it is there. A Sandia National Laboratories' Z machine has been created, that is the most energetic laboratory X-ray source on Earth.

This equipment can duplicate the X-rays surrounding black holes that can be watched only from a great distance otherwise. The prevalent theory is that under a black hole's deep gravity and radiation, highly energized iron electrons did not drop back to lower energy states by emitting photons.

But, the Z researchers, by duplicating X-ray energies challenge the traditional Black hole models by saying that plasmas that produce the X-rays are exotic, and models used to interpret their spectra have never been tested in the laboratory yet. They suggest revising the black hole models previously used to explain emissions from matter just before it is swallowed by black holes. 

Anita Aishvarya


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