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Champion of Champions: Wrestler Deepak Punia

A young boy from Haryana Deepak Punia won a Gold Medal in the World Cadet Wrestling Championship. Deepak Punia has been honoured with 85kg free style gold medal on Saturday after defeating Turkey's Nail Seyyar with 9-5 scores.


Punia belongs to a village in Haryana and his father is a milkman. Earlier at the Junior World Championship 2016 Punia had to face a defeat. However in the same year Deepak participated in the World Cadet Wrestling Championship in a hope of fulfilling his father’s wish.


Including Turkey’s wrestler 17 years old Deepak Punia has also beaten wrestlers from USA, Georgia and Kyrgystan.


Wrestler Punia has stated in an interview about his hard journey. With his dedication and tough work he has listed India’s name in the winning category for weightlifting competition.


The interview has also mentioned that this hardworking wrestler is getting medal from the tender age of ten. First he had practiced in the village’s Akhara for more than 10 years. After getting trained, Punia moved to Delhi in 2015 for advance training.


Finally he grabbed the medal in the World cadet wrestling championship 2016 through his regular practice and proper training.



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