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Changes in Tennis Match

Tennis player Rafael Nadal is not happy with the recent changes in the tennis matches. As the governing body of the tennis matches are planning to shorten the timings. Earlier the Women’s Tennis boss Steve Simon has announced the WTA’s super tie- breakers and no score adding for single matches.


On which Rafael Nadal said that the considered changes in the matches can ruin the sport values of the game. Furthermore the player also added that the tennis leading bodies are making the changes to shorten the matches and make them more TV-friendly. Moreover short matches might reduce the value of the match, said Nadal.


During an interview Nadal also focused on certain reasons that why new format should be slammed. Rafael said long tennis matches stays in the history as well as in people’s memory. Long matches create a dramatic narration that remains in the memory and attach people emotionally to the game, stated the player.


According to the reports the potential changes reflect the new arrangement that would create shorter matches. Through the new arrangements the matches will become more predictable. The new format will also make matches much easier for broadcasters to accommodate as per the player.

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