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Changing Work Timings And Parenting

There has been a paradigm shift in the nature of how organizations work in today’s world. There has been a great change in the way people work, as well as the work timings. With the Globalization organization look towards a 24 hours’ work schedule, where people work in shifts to keep the wheels moving.

With changing lifestyle it has become necessary for both parents to work in order to meet and maintain the lifestyle that they have got acclimatized to. There are couples who work in shifts. There are organizations where the work timings change for an employee on a weekly basis as well as once that may or may not change for a year. These changing work patterns have affected the lives of children majorly. It has been observed that children with parents working the rotational shifts have a lot of behavioral problems. Whereas families where one works a regular shift and the other working a rotational shift have been able to tackle this more effectively. It has been seen that when a mother working the night shift benefitted the children when they were young. However, mothers working the rotational shift especially where the shift changes every other day had a lot of problems amongst boys of all most all ages and among older girls. It has also been observed that a father working the rotational shift had more impact on the girl child especially amongst girl child. The gender differences may actually relate to the involvement of the parents and the duration of time they are able to spend with their kids.

By: Madhuchanda Saxena


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