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Chennaiyin FC Battling Hard After the Coach Penalized Again

Chennaiyin FC, head coach John Gregory has got a setback by criticizing the referee’s decision , who was trying to get a top-four finish in the ISL season going on in the Jawaharlal Stadium, New Delhi.

Earlier too, John Gregory had been penalized with a fine of 4 lakh and 3 match ban for criticizing the referee in Jamshedpur. It seems as if it was not enough to teach any lesson that he again took a dig to the referee against his decision.  Actually there was a collision between Matias Mirabaje and Raphsel Auguato inside their own area of expertise and they were awarded penalty. It was considered wrong by Augusto and was said that the officials gave penalties away too quickly. He took it as a harsh decision against him. The team ends the match by a draw by 1-1 with the good play of the bottom side players. Chennaiyin FC is fighting for a top four finish that will make them eligible for the semifinals. In spite of all these bad news, the best part is that they have one match in hand to prove their eligibility. However, it has been a major setback for the team and the coach should learn to behave properly towards other players and referees too.

By- Anita Aishvarya



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