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Children Sleeping With Parents May Suffer SIDS

Parents are aware that co – sleeping with children is a strict no. But still many parents allow their child to sleep with them. Co-sleeping with parents extends even after the toddlers age. Doctors always advise to avoid co-sleeping and discourage it.

Doctors advise this because of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. This may happen to a child because of accidental suffocation due to bed sharing. Researchers told that co – sleeping is forbidden to a high extent that a mother wants to get closer to her child. She could not and slept whole night on floor next to the crib of child. Through their research, they also found that either one or sometimes both parents sleep sometimes or regularly with their child at nights.

Co-sleeping is very common in countries like Scandinavian, Asian and South American countries where rates of SIDS are also very low.


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