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Christmas Tree: A Symbol of Life, Fertility and Rebirth

As per the ancient belief, people those are living in the northern hemisphere often rejoice winter solstice in many ways that involve the use of plants. Plants are known as a symbol of life, fertility, and rebirth. Even the Ancient Egyptians, living in a region hardly known for its cruel winters, would fill their homes with green palm rushes around the time of the winter solstice.

For Ancient Egyptians Christmas was a carnival of the Sun God Ra. In winter he was believed to suffer ill health, causing the cooler temperatures. The solstice marked the beginning of his healing, thus, it was a celebration of new life.

As per the ancient people, solstice marked the point of evolution after which the deities would start to recover. Moreover, evergreen trees, those which stayed alive through the coldest months, were a symbol that life would go on once the winter was completed. Evergreen trees were thus a major part of winter solstice celebrations. Christmas tree was considered the special plant of Vikings’ Sun God Balder.

By: Priyanka Negi


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