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Christopher Marlowe Credited As Co-Author with Shakespeare

As per the Oxford University Press' new edition, William Shakespeare’s work will credit Christopher Marlowe. According to the reports, Christopher Marlowe will be credited as co-author of the three Henry VI plays. The decision has been made after focusing the light on the playwright that collaborated with others on some of Shakespeare’s most renowned works.

Marlowe is known as a playwright, poet and spy. Marlowe will share billing in the newest version of the latest Oxford Shakespeare being published this week. The analysts used new analytical methods that helped them to find out some sections contained the hallmarks of Marlowe's hand. After the research, the scholars have got proofs of their doubts that Shakespeare's plays included the work of others.

According to the reports, the editors have analyzed that 17 of 44 works related to Shakespeare had a contribution from others. Computerized data has been used by the scholars to discover patterns, trends and associations. The scholars have analyzed not only Shakespeare’s work but also those of his fellows stated the experts.


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