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Computer Applications with a Better Speed

Amalgamation of analysts from North Carolina State University and Samsung Electronics has identified a speed boosting method. This newly found way can increase the speed of computer application over nine percent.


According to the researchers the new technique can allow the computer system to recover existing records more efficiently. The analysts have explained the records stored in off- chip “main” memory in the computer. However, the much used data also stores within in die stack-Random access memory (DRAM) cache.


The DRAM cache is positioned nearer to the processor where the data can be recovered more rapidly and easily. The system cache organized the records in large blocks or macro blocks. Block method makes the searching process easy for the computer process.


During any task the processor skips the unwanted data from the large blocks by retrieving that takes time stated the experts. To reduce the effects of the issue the developers have created a technique that makes the retrieving process more efficient.





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