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Computer Can Read Human Behavior

A team of researchers from Aalto University, University of Birmingham and the University of Oslo have created a model through which computers will become smarter. The present results have paved the way for computers to learn psychologically plausible models of individuals simply by noticing them.

The scientists have shown that just by observing how long a user takes to click menu items, one can infer a model that reproduces the similar behavior. The scientists have also stated that the model also helps computers to accurately estimate some characteristics of that user's visual system, such as fixation durations.

In spite of insignificant breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, it has been hard for computers to understand users’ behavior. Cognitive models describe human being’s capabilities, as well as their goals, stated the scientists.

Not only this, the module is being created in such way that it can also explain human behavior and hence be able to predict individual behavior also in new circumstances. However, the scientists also said that learning these models from the practically available indirect data has been out of reach.


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