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Connect With Your Child by Volunteering at School

In today’s time, parents try to achieve all-round development for their children. Academics, extra-curricular activities and sports all contribute to their holistic development. Parents too can play a key role in this nurturing.

Volunteering in your child’s school can help you and your child in several ways. It shows the child that you take keen interest in their education. It helps them in understanding the importance of the institution that imparts them learning. By volunteering at your child’s school, you are able to enter their world without really interfering in their privacy. Interaction with teachers and administrators provide you an insight into their daily activities. You also set examples of helping people and growing as a community.

Volunteering also helps the school in conducting various activities and creating worthy experiences for the children. Let’s say you are good at table tennis. You can volunteer to train students for an upcoming tournament and thus contribute your part. If you have a manufacturing factory, you can propose to the school to take students on a factory tour. If you enjoy reading stories to children, you can hold reading sessions or start a summer book club. Volunteering isn’t big or small. It is about finding the right fit. Not every parent can contribute in every activity in the same way. The best approach is to talk to your child’s teacher to understand what help can the school use. Also, it is in the best interest of your child to not give him special treatment during your volunteering at the school.



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