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Maintaining a work-life balance is an important challenge faced by those in the fast-paced corporate life. The modern work environment which surrounds us with flatscreens, smartphones, computers and laptops helps us communicate better and work more efficiently. But it also has different negative impacts. These include increased anxiety and stress, and impaired creative thinking capabilities. It is this divergent thinking ability which provides flashes of inspiration- the precursors of innovation and invention.

Research shows that this mental frame can be achieved by immersing oneself in nature. And, this personal creativity can extend into one’s work life, and have obvious implications on one’s work methods, time management, and planning.  Connecting with nature also reduces stress, builds self confidence, increases problem solving ability, and creates positive and reflective minds. Reduced exposure to technology is also a contributing factor.

This is why interior designers and architects develop workplaces and residential spaces incorporated with natural elements like greenery and planters.

Now-a-days, more people have a flexible working facility. This gives them more autonomy over where and when to work. They can take maximum advantage of this by spending time in national parks, gardens, and other local green spaces.



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