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Creative People Have Better Connected Brains

According to a new analysis, people with high creativity quotient have significantly more white matter connections between left and right hemispheres of the brain. Apparently, all self help books and workshops conducted to boost your creativity tend to tap only on the right side of your brain. But as a matter of fact, what sets highly creative people apart is the connection and communication between both the hemispheres.

To prove this, the statisticians from the University of Duke analyzed the network of white matter connections among 68 separate brain regions of healthy college going volunteers. To assess creativity, a combination of tests was done. Volunteers were asked to draw as many geometric designs as they could in 5 minutes. They were also asked to list as many uses as they could for everyday objects.  The test also included a questionnaire to measure creativity at different levels.

After 3-D brain mapping of the wiring diagrams of the brain, each person was given a creativity score. The researchers then compared the results of people who scored in the top 15 % with those who scored in the bottom 15%. High scoring people had significantly more connections between the right and left hemispheres.

“Maybe by scanning a person’s brain, we could tell what they are likely to be good at” said Dunson, Professor at Duke University. 


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