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Creative School Programme - Ireland

With changing time, educational pattern has also modified. Taking a noble step towards motivating children and making them take part in extra-curricular activities, almost 150 schools across the country will take part in the Creative School Programme. The programme will be hosted by creative artists, practitioners and educationalists with the aim to develop "art of creativity" among them.

As a support, the participating schools will receive one-off grant aid of €2,000. The teachers of these schools will also be trained accordingly. The programme is a part of “creative Ireland programme.” The prime objective of the programme is to promote the arts and creativity among children’s lives and utilizing the spare time in a fruitful manner. Minister for Education, Richard Bruton said that the world is changing and so does the education methodology. Now, children learn all subjects even in the classrooms in a very creative manner using computers and with the help of smart classes. Participating in art is useful for children as it makes them inventive, critical and adaptable, and creative. Parents are also encouraged to make their children take part in this initiative and get benefitted. Interested schools can apply online between February 20th and March 22nd 2018. A-one day induction will be provided for school coordinators to meet other school participants and coordinate accordingly. The creative associates will help the schools develop their plans keeping in mind their existing school plans for studies and other activities.

 By- Anita Aishvarya





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