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Cricket and Its Intensive Roots

Cricket is not just a game for Indians but a most popular sport which is being played for decades. Most of us will believe that it has signified a capacity to go beyond all levels of society. Additionally, it is hard to imagine a more enthusiastic crowd and the environment in international cricket which we see in India.

Cricket’s tremendous popularity among fans can be seen by the number of people who watch the Indian cricket team on television whenever there is a big match. According to the measured data, the number is more than 400 million sports fan who follow the match every time. Many experts have also suggested that football may be rising in terms of popularity with spectators, especially due to the changes in how the sport is watched on different media channels. However, it is going to take a long time before the Indian football team is on a balance with their cricket compeer, in terms of either quality or success.

It is also true that Cricket has evolved from a strict layman game into a multibillion-dollar industry. Additionally, cricket is also starting to grow rapidly as the developing world caress the sport. Moreover, cricket also provides youngsters with an aspiration which can be achieved.   

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