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Cricket Fans!

It is usually considered watching cricket is not a female’s cup of tea but the statement may not be true. The ICC unveiled the results of its survey conducted on the largest ever market research project into the sport which has revealed, globally, 39% of female’s are cricket fan.

The survey was conducted between the people of age 16-69 globally. It reveals cricket has over one billion fans. The average age of which is 34 with a demographic breakdown of 61% male and 39% female. The research and survey undertaken was to enable the ICC and its member to understand the growth potential of cricket. The reason behind the survey was to shape the development of growth focused global strategy for Cricket, drive decision making and to provide a benchmark upon which to measure the outcomes of the strategy. The following research highlighted that cricket has a significant growth potential in both the markets i.e. traditional and non-traditional. Cricket fans have their own world where it’s everything only about cricket. The enthusiasm and the excitement in cricket fans about the leagues is always unbelievable. And the statement no more is a fact that watching cricket is not a female’s cup of tea.

By: Shruti Anand


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