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In India, basketball is played in most of the universities, colleges and high schools. The younger generation gives considerable support to this sport. Both men and women of all ages and ability in the country play basketball. Many government organizations like the Indian Overseas Bank in Tamil Nadu, and ONGC in Uttarakhand have their own professional basketball teams that work with and play for them.

Several championships are held for boys and girls at the senior, junior, and youth levels. Invitational all-India tournaments such as Don Bosco Invitational Tournament (Mumbai), Ramu Memorial (Mumbai), Master Prithvinath Memorial (New Delhi), etc are being organized every year. Unlike several other basketball in India is bereft of seasons, and championships are held throughout the year.

So far, numerous talented basketball players have raised from this country which was one of the earliest to adopt basketball. Many of them have gained international recognition too, and have won many trophies for their country. A large number of state and national level associations run and manage basketball in India. The principal objective of these associations is to develop this sports’ overall infrastructure and discover new talent from the grass root level.

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