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Cyber Attack Website Behind 4 Million Attacks Taken Down

An operation led by the British and the Dutch has brought down a website that is linked to more than 4 million cyber attacks around the world. The attacks have some big banking giants as victims, according to European law enforcement agencies. Britain's National Crime Agency said that authorities in 5 countries including Canada, Croatia, Netherlands and Serbia along with support from Police Scotland and Europol, made 6 members of the crime group target who were behind the site These cybercriminals used the website's services for a price and launched their distributed denial of services (DDOS) attacks, which flood targets with spam traffic and render their IT systems disabled.

British police seized a number of items after searching for an address in Bradford, Northern England while Dutch police, with some help from US and Germany was able to seize the servers and took down the cybercrime website. The British police believed that an individual from the same address used the site. The individual is known to be the world's largest illegal DDOS seller and affected 7 biggest banks in Britain. Police arrested 2 suspects from Serbia, aged 19 and 21 and one aged 19, from Croatia. The national from Croatia is facing the sentence between 1-8 years in prison, as informed by Croatian interior ministry. 2 men have also been arrested from Scotland.


By: Neha Maheshwari









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