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Dangal-Fame Bishnoi Becomes International Referee

Arjuna awardee wrestler Kripa Shankar Patel Bishnoi has become a part of the esteemed international panel of referees of The United World Wrestling (UWW). Bishnoi gained popularity after training Bollywood actor Amir Khan for the super hit movie Dangal.

To become a part of this prestigious panel, Bishnoi cleared the examination for the Referees’ Courses held by UWW at Dortmund, Germany. The exam included both theoretical as well as practical exams. Brought up in Harsoon, a small village in Khandwa district near Indore, Bishnoi worked hard and against all obstacles. He even wrote the exam in German language.

Bishnoi made India proud by winning gold medals at the 2005 Commonwealth Wrestling Championships. Later in his career, he started coaching students in wrestling.

Bishnoi earned a lot of recognition for his unmatched contribution in the making of the film Dangal. He trained Amir Khan and the two actresses who played wrestler Mahavir Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita, respectively.



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