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Dark Chocolate Can Fight Heart Disease

A new study has come up with good news for chocoholics. According to the researchers cocoa products can prevent cardiovascular problems. A methodical as well as ‘meta’ analysis of 19 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) has been done by the scientists. According to the scientists the study aimed to find out how cocoa flavones affect cardiometabolic biomarkers. The researchers also explained that flavanols refers phytonutrient compounds that are found in cocoa.

The analysis is beneficial in offering guidance in developing huge, ultimate checking trials to fight diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The scientists said that cocoa consumption can prevent sub-clinical risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases such as dyslipidemia etc.

The research trial also showed insulin resistance benefits in people who consume cocoa, stated the scientists. The scientists said that their ‘meta’ analysis primarily used dark chocolates along with cocoa powder-beverages. Due to which the findings from the current study should not be applied on different sorts of chocolate-candies or white chocolates.


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