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Dark Particles Must Be Smaller Than What We Think

In order to understand dark matter, scientist have now discovered that the size of dark matter particles  no matter how strong the interaction it has with the regular matter will remain smaller than our perspective.

A detector named XENON1T which is used for detecting dark matter has helped researchers produce the results which explain the most severe limit for the effective size of dark matter particles. The size was said to be 4.1X10-47 square centimetres  which is 1 trillionth part of 1 trillionth of a centimeter square. The detector also predicted that two background events will occur i.e radon contamination and gamma rays contamination but nothing happened as such. These results were displayed on Monday, 28th May at a seminar which took place at the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory in Italy. Whenever a dark matter particle collides with a xenon nucleus so the detector uses a liquid xenon. If the model is correct, this collision will produce a small light flash which is also a rare opportunity to view dark matter. The dark matter is five times as abundant as the regular matter but we have very little knowledge about this secretive substance. It is assumed that dark matter is made up of bodies called weakly interacting massive particles i.e. particles who have minimal reaction while interacting ordinary matter  but nothing has been confirmed by the scientists.

By: Swati Kaushal


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