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Deafness Is Normal and Sign Language Is Not a Taboo

A group of street artists making eco with their colorful street art designs on the walls of Delhi. Are you thinking why this group is different as street art is normal these days? This amazing group includes thirty people including two deaf from America.

The group not only transforms the Delhi streets into a beautiful canvas but also emphasizes on putting a loud and clear social message for the society.One of the artists stated during a recent interview that, “We do not want to be seen as someone inferior to anyone. The person also added that they don’t want to be labeled as 'Oh that poor guy'.

The artwork was named as 'Understanding Deaf Culture’, was a quest for achieving inclusivity and equality in a society that is still not ready to put us on an even keel. The exercise was based on a positive message that people with special needs are capable of doing thing just as anyone else can. The street art is themed on sign language and many of the volunteers also wore special t-shirt wearing slogans like 'Sign language is beautiful', 'I Can Sign' and 'CanDo'.

Content: Hindustan Times

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