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Deep Down Into The Heart Of Mars

The “Red Planet”, the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest planet Mars, has been a subject that has obsessed the human minds since long. With its seasons, polar ice caps, volcanoes and weather which resembles our own planet the colonization of Mars always seem to be an option that is still pursued with renewed vigor each time.

Why is Mars so important to us? There are several similarities between Earth’s atmosphere and that of Mars. During formation of both Earth and Mars, planets, had similar oceanic structure. What Mars lacks now is vegetation and Ocean. The most striking similarities are the tilt of the axis, length of the day and the seasonal changes. It is kind of intriguing to know exactly what must have been the condition of Mars in the earlier stages of its formation nearly 4.5 billion years ago. NASA has announced tha,t it is now all set to send its first ever mission to pry deep into the interiors of Mars. According to the scientist in-depth study of its crust, mantle and core will also help understand how rocky bodies form, like our Earth, the moon and other planets as well. While NASA is also working towards landing man on Mars, yet another team from US and Japan are working on sending robot bees to Mars and these hives of bee drones have been aptly named Marsbees. This project is one of NASA’s Innovative Advance Concepts program. The team is presently working on a perfect prototype before swarms of Marsbees really buzz into action in reality.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena


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