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Delhi Metro to install its 4th solar power facilities at kalindi kunj depot

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will install a 3MWp (Mega Watt peak) solar power plant on top of an elevated stabling line of Kalindi Kunj depot. Although, it is the fourth solar power facilities after Yamuna Bank, Ajronda and Mukundpur; it is going to be the first-ever such shed built on the train network.

The plant will accommodate the trains operating on the Janakpuri West–Botanical Garden corridor, construction of which is underway. According to the solar policy of DMRC, it plans to generate 50 MWp of solar power by the year 2021.
As per the statement release by DMRC, “A specialised agency was roped into assess the feasibility of installing such a solar plant since Delhi Metro had not undertaken such a project before. Based on their report, a decision has been taken to install a 3MWp plant there. The cost of installing this solar plant will be borne by the developer, as is the case with all DMRC plants, and Delhi Metro shall pay for the energy charges at the rate of Rs. 5.4945 per unit, as levellised tariff for 25 years”. It also stated that the work is in progress for installing more such plants in other depots.

Currently, the largest solar power plant on an individual roof is the stabling shed of Yamuna Bank Depot, with a capacity of 624 KWp, DMRC said.
Delhi Metro has so far commissioned 6.3 MWp of solar power plants across 21 locations in its network.

On the Kalindi Kunj depot’s construction, DMRC said it was a “major engineering achievement” as for the first-time ever, anywher

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