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Delhi’s Tejaswin Shanker won National Senior Record

Tejaswin Shanker, a boy from Delhi has received a Gold medal in the 32nd National Open Athletics. Earlier, a championship had held in Lucknow where this young aspirant had won the gold medal. This time Tejaswin amazed the spectators with a jump of 2,26m, he smashed 12-year-old national senior record in high jump.

As per the reports the young athlete has got the top feat of a junior athlete breaching the national senior record. Before Tejaswin the record was achieved by Hari Shankar Roy of West Bengal. Hari Shankar achieved the success with a jump of 2.25m. Additionally, Hari Shankar Roy has got silver in the Asian All-Star Athletics meet in Singapore in 2004.

Recently, Tejaswin has also been felicitated with a gold medal in the year of 2015. After an easy clearance in access of  2.06, 2.12, 2.18 and 2.21 in first attempt the winner Tejaswin faced only one failure over 2.24m. However, Tejaswin made the second round successful after breaking the record by 2.26m jump.


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